US Support for Israel Drops

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A new Gallup poll showed American support for Israel fell to the lowest point in a decade. In 2018, 65% of Americans said they were more sympathetic to Israel over the Palestinians. However, the same question asked this year showed a six-point decline. 59% said they were more sympathetic to Israel. Surprisingly, the survey found that Republican sympathy for Israel declined more over the last year than Democrats.

I don’t think that we should get too worried just yet, but the actual numbers show that American support for Israel is still very high. 69% of Americans still favor Israel over the Palestinian authority. But we do have to be careful because there are some rising political stars like Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Talib, who are definitely more pro-Palestinian than they are Israeli and they’re young, so they can have an influence on young people. That’s why we can’t get lazy. I do believe we need to be diligent to continue to support Israel and to share with our friends and families that Israel is a force for good in the Middle East, not evil.

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