Vatican Recognizes a Palestinian State, While Hamas Dominates West Bank

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News recently broke that the Vatican put forth a treaty that recognizes a Palestinian State.

Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi said, “Yes, it’s a recognition that the state exists.” While this seems like a noble cause for the Holy See to recognize Palestine as a state, the decision comes at a time when a two-state solution seems, at best, impossible to imagine.

Israel is constantly facing international pressure to create a peaceful two-state solution with the Palestinians. This is also known as “Land for Peace,” which stipulates that the moment the Palestinians receive West Bank land (Judea and Samaria), there will be peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Even President Obama, when speaking about Israel’s new coalition government, said he still believes if Israel gives up the West Bank to create a Palestinian state that peace would follow. What many international leaders, including the Pope, don’t understand is that the West Bank could easily erupt into chaos and terror could spill over into Israel if the Palestinians created a state today.

How, you might be asking?

Polling in the Palestinian territories in the West Bank shows Hamas has a strong influence with Palestinians and the Palestinian youth. Hamas is a legitimate terrorist organization that seeks the destruction of Israel. Elections held last month at Birzeit University, just outside of Ramallah, show that a majority of Palestinians at the university want Hamas in power.

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College elections may seem insignificant to us in America, but for those in the Palestinian territories these elections determine the “Palestinian political mood” and the ruling moderate Fatah party and its leader Mahmoud Abbas are worried. So worried, that since the last university election in 2007 when Hamas won, there have been no new elections. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is working on his 11th year of a five-year term.

World leaders are gambling too much of their political capital into this bad investment called Mahmoud Abbas. If Israel helped establish a Palestinian state now, it’s highly likely Hamas would win the first general election, guaranteeing the West Bank becomes a terrorist enclave and launching pad for rockets that would force Israel into an unnecessary defensive war in an area they currently have stabilized and have a somewhat working relationship with the Palestinian police to safeguard against terrorism.

If you think my analysis is too farfetched, too overblown, just spend a few minutes studying the modern history of the Gaza Strip. What I have laid out above is history repeated. The likelihood of the West Bank becoming another Gaza is high.

There is a reason Israel is acting slow to pull the trigger on encouraging and establishing a Palestinian state, simply put it’s not in their best interest or the best interest of the Palestinian people given the current political environment in the Palestinian territories. Only they would be left to pick up the pieces of a bad deal. Florida Senator and presidential hopeful Marco Rubio believes the same saying, “The conditions for a two-state solution, at this moment, do not exist.

Forcing peace could be more dangerous than waiting for a good deal.

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