Israel’s Helping Hands: Part Two, IsraAID

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We are continuing our focus on the 70th year celebration of the rebirth of the modern state of Israel and highlighting ways Israel is helping around the world.

This week we watch as they help their northern neighbors, Syria. The civil war in Syria is complicated, no one questions that. And Israel and Syria’s relationship is not stable and they are technically at war. However, as Syrian refugees come from Turkey to the coast of Greece, there is a group of people there to help. And it’s the last people the Syrians expect—Israelis. Doctors, nurses, and translators—both Jewish and Arab—are waiting to assist these refugees in whatever they need. From CBN, the makers of the popular documentary, In Our Hands: The Battle for Jerusalem, comes this exciting series we are able to share.

More than 70 years ago, refugees began showing up on Israel’s shores fresh from the horrors of the Holocaust. “Never Again” has been the Jewish people’s cry, so it should be no surprise that this group of volunteers are waiting on the shores of Greece to welcome the Syrian refugees.

Through ISRAAID, the Jewish people are giving their time and medical expertise to those who have nothing. We hope this emotional story will inspire you and cause you to give praise to God for those who are saving lives.  

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