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A House Divided

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As Prime Minister Netanyahu left Israel for the United States he was greeted by protestors opposing his overhaul of the Supreme Court. On the United States side, protestors will greet the prime minister here as well.

As with any political issue there are both leaders and citizens in favor for the legislation and opposing it. In an interview with Elon Musk, the prime minister admitted and assured listeners of two facts. He said, “Israel is, was and will always be a robust democracy. It’s we the people, not we the elites. We the people rule.”

A second fact he noted concerning the issue of the overhaul of the Supreme Court, “Thirty years ago the balance of power in the Israeli governance began to change. And we have the most activist judicial court on the planet. Democracy is supposed to be checks and balances on each other. In Israel, the judiciary has no checks and no balances. It just has power. So there is a request to bring it back into line, and that has been sort of boiling all the time.”

To challenge a power base used to control often leads to conflict, verbal and sometimes physical. With emotions high on both sides, someone who the Israelis respect needs to step forward and help bring the nation, in the prime minister’s words, “”’back into line.’ Hopefully, that will happen sooner rather than later.

(Source: The Times of Israel)

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