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Coalition and Opposition Begin Judicial Reform Talks

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As the proposed judicial reform sparks protests throughout the nation, Israel’s government is working to reach a resolution. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paused his plans for judicial reform on Monday to give representatives from coalition and opposition parties a chance to begin negotiations over the reform. They did so on Tuesday night at President Isaac Herzog’s Residence on Tuesday night, marking the first time the sides have held face-to-face discussions over the issue since it was proposed three months ago.

Diplomacy is a major key to the success of Israel’s government and, by extension, Israel itself. With protests in the streets and international pressure mounting, Israel has faced enough conflict since the judicial reform was first proposed. Representatives meeting together is the best step forward for Israel, but the heavy lifting is still to be done in determining the fate of the proposal. 

One side sees the Supreme Court as an unchecked power that needs more oversight, while the other sees the proposal as a move that gives Netanyahu’s government too much control. Both sides hold their opinions strongly and won’t be easy to budge. While the result of the proposal will take a long time to sort out, Tuesday’s meeting was a necessary first step toward resolving the issue.

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