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How Israel and Hamas Treat Spies

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Hamas charged three Palestinians in Gaza with collaborating with Israel and sentenced them to death and gave a fourth man a life sentence with hard labor on Tuesday (23rd). The men were charged with working with Israeli authorities and providing information about Hamas operatives and operations.

Meanwhile, Israeli intelligence and security forces arrested a 20-year-old Israeli Arab working with Hamas who was plotting a terror attack in Israel on Wednesday morning (24th). The man was planning to bomb a bus line in the coastal city of Hadera as he was ordered by Hamas. A Shin Bet official noted Hamas’s repeated efforts “to promote terror attacks within Israeli territory while publicly denying its involvement [in such attacks], and its false representation that it is attempting to maintain the status quo within the Strip.”

Notice the difference in how Israel and Hamas deal with traitors? Israel arrests; Hamas murders. The Shin Bet official is right that Hamas only masquerades as a cooperative entity in the Gaza Strip. In reality, it plants terrorists in Israel and kills those who would dare to desert its cause. If all of Hamas’s actions came to light and were stacked up against Israel’s actions, no country could side with Hamas while claiming to stand for peace and freedom.

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