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Israel At War: Week 18

In News Surrounding Israel by Tim Munger

“In Your Dreams” could summarize Israel’s response to Hamas’s terms. They demand in return for releasing hostages that Israel withdraw from Gaza and end the military campaign. In short, they would win the war. “The reports said Hamas’s Gaza leader, Yahya Sinwar, would demand solid guarantees of an end to the war and the withdrawal of Israeli troops before releasing any more hostages taken captive in the terror group’s brutal October 7 onslaught-which Israel has said it will not do.” In addition to these demands, Hamas demands “a wish list of terrorist masterminds”, including two men who planned the Second Intifada.

Prime Minister Netanyahu bluntly stated that there are some Hamas demands Israel will neither consider nor accept. Meanwhile, 140 hostages in Hamas’s hands await liberation. Such is the case of dealing with a terrorist organization like Hamas whose very name means ‘violence.’

(Source: The Times of Israel (TOI))

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