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U.S. Has Faith in Israeli Leadership

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The United States has good news for Israel. On Wednesday, U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides stated he “has faith” in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Nides plans to work alongside Netanyahu, saying, “At the end of the day, we want to work with this democratically-elected government.” 

The U.S. remains focused on keeping “the vision of a two-state solution alive, which means we focus on taking care of the Palestinian people without compromising the security of Israel,” Nides said. “We don’t support legalizing any outposts or settlement growth, which will cause us to lose the two-state solution. . . . We want to keep things calm; that’s our goal. We got Israel’s back, and we will work with this government to make sure that occurs.”

I wouldn’t have expected a U.S. ambassador to avoid mentioning its proposed two-state solution while speaking about Israel, but the fact that Nides has expressed an eagerness to work with Netanyahu certainly helps Israeli prospects. U.S. President Biden shared similar sentiments after Netanyahu’s government was ratified in December. With U.S. support, the new Israeli government can accomplish much, especially in terms of warming relations with other nations, in the days to come.

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