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Friends of Israel Gift Catalog

 Gift Catalog
  Children and Young Adult Ministries
  Taking Truth to the Ends of the Earth
  Meeting Medical and Physical Needs
  World Relief and Aid
  Give What You Can
  $25 and less
  $30 - $49
  $50 - $99
  $100 or more

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Please note: Gifts made online will receive a U.S. tax-deductible receipt. If you require a Canadian receipt, please make your gift by calling 888-664-2584.

You have likely seen the headlines, "Anti-Semitism on the Rise!" Unfortunately, the age-old hatred for the Jewish people is alive and growing in our day.

When I travel to Israel, so many Israelis express their gratitude that we come and bring Christians who love Israel with us. They share how alone and isolated they feel in a world that is increasing in its hatred for Israel. Our mere presence in Israel communicates a message of encouragement––that there are Christian friends who love and care for them. They are not forgotten.

While most Christians will never have the opportunity to travel to Israel, there is another way to express our friendship and support for God’s Chosen People, by assisting them with their needs. At a time when so many in this world are turning away from Israel, we can turn toward them and surround them with Christian love.

The projects in this gift catalog give you an opportunity to express your friendship and love to the Jewish people. You are demonstrating true friendship when you:

• Buy life-saving medicine, medical supplies, clothes, and food for Jewish people in need.

• Encourage Jewish people who feel so alone in these terrifying times with relief aid.

• Help send a Christian volunteer to Israel to serve at an Israeli hospital for two weeks.

• Underwrite education for pastors and young people who will teach others about Israel from the Word of God.

• Send Jewish holiday gift baskets to show your care for Jewish people.

A real friend is one who helps in time of need. Please pray and consider how God may
use you to help Jewish people in need.

God blesses those who bless His Chosen People (Gen. 12:3).

Serving the Messiah,