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Our Program Ministries provide exciting opportunities to serve God by serving Israel and the Jewish people

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Bruce Scott
Bruce Scott

Director of Program Ministries

As Christians, the Apostle Paul tells us inside the church setting we have different functions that are all vital to the body of Christ.

Here at The Friends of Israel we want to see all believers in the Messiah growing and working out their faith. That’s why we offer three different ways to get involved on a personal level. We’ve broken them up into three key groups that will help show the important functions of each.


More than ten years ago, God placed a burden on the heart of one of our workers in the Midwest to bring together full-time Christian missionaries and high school youth. He answered the call by forming Encounter, a life-changing weekend where missionaries challenge committed Christian high school students to give their lives to the Lord in vocational Christian ministry.

Several days each year, youth from all over the country join full-time Christian workers from several organizations to learn, pray, worship, and fellowship. These workers pour into the youth during this time, and many teens leave feeling called to full-time ministry.

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G’sherim (meaning bridges in Hebrew) is an internship program of The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry equipping Christians to build bridges between the Christian and Jewish communities by serving the Jewish people, supporting the State of Israel, and sharing the love of the Messiah.

How do we serve, support and share? By volunteering in and networking with the Jewish and pro-Israel communities. By utilizing the Bible, loving relationships, and deeds of kindness.

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ORIGINS means Our Resolve Is Giving Israel Never-ending Support. For over ten years, The Friends of Israel has taken young adults to Israel on our ORIGINS trips to serve the Jewish people. Year after year, God raises up a group of young people to spend a month in Israel to volunteer at a major hospital outside of Jerusalem. The work is not easy, but our young adults go to show their support for Israel. They are also able to tour the land of the Bible, walking where Jesus walked! After the trip, our volunteers return home forever changed, and, most importantly, a lover of Israel and the Jewish people.

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Hesed Project

Friendship is the theme of Hesed (meaning lovingkindness in Hebrew), our adult volunteer trip to Israel. Each spring, adults from all over the world go to Israel to serve the Jewish people for two and a half weeks. They gladly clean and work on projects around a major hospital outside of Jerusalem, while making lasting friendships with the Israeli people. Hesed members always leave Israel with a deep love for the Jewish people and a desire to return, which some do year after year.

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Two-day conference that exposes high school students to full-time service of the Lord

One-to-two semester internship program for young adults

A life-changing experience in the land of Israel for young adults between the ages 18-28

Hesed is an exciting, Christian adult-volunteer program to Israel

Partner with a short-term volunteer

Do you have a friend or family member participating in one of our short-term programs? You can help them with a gift.


Volunteer trip to Israel for 18–20 year olds



One-to-two semester Internship for young adults




Christian adult-volunteer program to Israel



Two-day conference for high school students



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