Israel Strikes Inside Syria

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On January 30, 2013 Israel took preemptive measures to bomb a delivery of anti-aircraft missiles that were being delivered to Hezbollah, an anti-Israel terrorist group that are concentrated in Lebanon and funded by Iran.

Syria immediately released a report that Israel struck a Syrian military facility destroying one of their scientific research centers and killing two people. Yet later reports that came from the United States indicated Israel destroyed a convoy of trucks carrying Russian SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles near a military facility.

Today the White House urged Syria NOT to transfer weapons to Hezbollah, the UNDOF (a UN peacekeeping program) claims they never saw Israeli jets cross the border so they cannot confirm the strike, Egypt’s Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr said this attack has created instability in the Middle East, while Israel is yet to comment on the air strike. Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah have promised revenge for the strike.

So why would Israel strike now?

Syria’s in a major civil war between the  government of President Bashar al-Assad and the rebels seeking to topple Assad’s regime.  For months Israel has been warning the deconstruction of President Assad’s regime could result in a lack of accountability on the whereabouts of Syrian missiles and other weapons. These deadly weapons could eventually find their way easily into the hands of Hezbollah, who would then turn and use them on Israel. Israel was not attempting to get in the middle of their civil war, but to protect Israeli airspace and those aircraft that patrol the border.

I have to stress this point, Israel is not demanding that Assad stay in power in order to maintain safety between their borders. Israel desires for countries like Syria, Egypt, and Libya to establish a democratic government that seeks to provide freedom for its people and peace with their neighbors. However, Israel also has a vested interest in protecting its own citizens first.

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