4 Must-Read Israeli News Sources

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Often when I speak at churches or conferences I am asked, “What’s the best news source to follow events happening in Israel and the Middle East?”

I think this is a great question because you want to make sure your Israeli information is coming from a reputable and balanced reference. Just like America, the State of Israel has liberal, moderate, and conservative newspapers.

I will tell you this before I even get started: The most liberal Israeli newspaper, which I believe is often out of touch with the sentiments of most Israelis, is Haaretz. Haaretz is the oldest newspaper in Israel and it literally means “The Land.” It proudly associates itself with being the New York Times of Israel. Honestly, it’s a good newspaper to read and hear what Israelis on the far-left are saying about politics and economics in the Land.

Below I’ve listed my four favorite news sources, which I believe are balanced in their approach to issues related to Israeli and Middle East politics, international news, economics, innovation, religion, and local news happening in various cities around Israel.

1. Ynet News

Ynetnews is an online resource for all things Israel. The website (www.ynetnews.com) is owned by Yedioth Media Group, which manages Yedioth Anronoth, the most-read newspaper in all of YnetIsrael. The online newspaper was started in 2005 with the purpose of keeping its readers informed of Israeli news in real time as the events unfolded.

Ynetnews is one of my favorite goto resources for Israeli politics. The website doesn’t whitewash the Israeli/Palestinian conflict or Israeli politics, it provides information from both sides and leaves the reader with the responsibility to make informed decisions. Jerusalem Post (www.jpost.com) is another good Israeli political resource, however, the website to me is always crowded, where Ynetnews is current, not-cluttered, and consistent.

2. I24News

NewsLearning styles are different for everyone. Some of us are visual learners, some of us auditory, and others are kinesthetic (doers). For you visual or auditory people I want to present to youI24 News I24News (www.i24news.tv). I24News is an online news source that offers both articles to read and 24-hour live video news.

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I24News studio opened recently (2013) and is headquartered in the beautiful port city of Yafo (biblical Joppa). Once you open the website you are invited to watch free Israeli news coverage like Fox News or CNN. The news is politically balanced and offers coverage on politics, economics, international news, weather, sports, and technology. The morning show features the beautiful Mediterranean background and throughout the day news is broadcast in a professional manner in English. You can also get I24News in French and Arabic.

3. Globes

If economics, real estate, business, investments, or energy make you smile and you like to keep up with news from Israel, then Globes Business News is your online place to be. After spending just Globesa few minutes on Globes (www.globes.co.il/en) you’ll quickly realize that the little State of Israel is a powerhouse in global economics.

Globes will open your eyes to the expanding economy in Israel, the movers and shakers in Israeli business, the market movements of the TA-25 (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange), and the Israeli real estate boom. Globes offers honest reporting, the good and the bad of the Israeli economy for those interested in business like myself.

4. No Camels

This website is not a joke! It’s real. No Camels (www.nocamels.com) is strictly news that highlights new innovation and technology coming out of Israel. Years ago when I was in Israel I was talking to my sister on my Israeli cell phone and my brother-in-law said to her, “They have cell phones in Israel?” Well, not only do they have cell phones in Israel, they helped in creating the infrastructure we use in global cellular communication today. Israel is not all camels! No Camels raises awareness about new startups, innovation, technology, and health that is being developed, funded, and exported by the people of Israel to the world.

I believe these four websites will offer the Israeli news junkie, like myself, a good base of information and news coming out of Israel. FYI: These are not underground resources managed by one guy from his basement; these are internationally recognized sources invested and managed by professional editors, reporters, and companies.


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