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Frozen in Time

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An amazing discovery occurred “during construction in the Palmachim National Park near Tel Aviv, a fallen rock reveals an ancient treasure trove from the era of the biblically notorious pharaoh Ramses II. It unveiled a 3,300 year old burial cave that has not been touched in 3 millennia. Items in the burial cave date back to the Bronze Age.

Israel Antiquities Bronze Age expert Eli Yannai described the find: “This is a once in a lifetime find! It’s not every day you walk onto an Indiana Jones set-a cave with tools on the floor that haven’t been touched in 3,300 years.” Shouts of “Wow!” affirmed the extreme historical and educational benefits of this find. With pottery and other objects coming from Cyprus, Ugarit, and local areas like Yafo (Joppa), Ashkelon, Ashdod, Gaza, and Tel Ajjul, “showed that this area of Yavneh-Yam (Palmachim Beach), played an integral part in the trading activity that took place along the coast.” Eli Yannai explains this discovery of the cave “will provide us with a complete picture of burial customs in the Late Bronze Age.”

So often discoveries in Israel occur when construction begins. Here’s another incident in that occurrence.

(Source: Amanda Borschel-Dan, The Times of Israel)

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