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Israel at War: Week 6

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The number of Israeli soldiers killed in Operation Swords of Iron is now up to 44, with 1,200 civilians killed. In the north 21 were injured in a rocket attack by Hezbollah. Fourteen of the injured were civilians and seven were soldiers. They were treated at different locales.


• Israel Defense Minister Gallant declares, “HAMAS HAS LOST CONTROL IN GAZA.”

• Soldiers were photographed inside Hamas’s parliament building, with Israel flags flying.

• Additionally, the IDF disclosed the Rantisi Hospital housed a Hamas terrorist command center, and there is also evidence that hostages had also been placed there, as “suicide vests, rocket propelled grenades, and a variety of weapons, but also signs, such as baby bottles, that Hamas had held Israeli hostages there.”

As Israel makes its way through Gaza, pray for the defeat of Hamas, for this conflict, as Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “We must win, for this is a war of darkness against light. And light MUST win.”

(Source: The Times of Israel)

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