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Israel’s Battle With COVID

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The surge of COVID in Israel has seen 200,000 cases of COVID, with over 1,000 deaths. “According to Health Ministry figures Monday, there have been 291,828 people infected since the start of the pandemic, with 51,698 remain active cases, a drop of nearly 10,000 since the day earlier.” Jerusalem, the capital and largest city, has the most cases with 5,956 cases.

However, reduced cases over the past days give encouraging signs the virus may be subsiding, “as both the number of cases and the percentage of positive cases go down amid sweeping restrictions on the public.”

Some of those restrictions included a lockdown for the past three weeks. Knesset Coronavirus Committee head MK Yifat Shasha-Biton has called for an immediate easing of the lockdown. “We need it to be now, not in a week. There are restrictions that have no epidemiological logic, so why wait? Society is being crushed.”

Hopefully, for Israel and the world the COVID nightmare will end soon.

(Source: The Times of Israel)

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Tim Munger

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