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Stand with Israel

Show your solidarity and stand with the Jewish people.


Our Exciting New Internship Program

Hebrew for "bridges," G'sherim is a nine-month internship program in the Las Vegas area designed for those who have a desire to work and serve among the Jewish people.

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New and Notable

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Remembering Zvi Kalisher

We recently received word that Zvi Kalisher, our beloved friend and colleague, passed into the Lord’s presence. We know He is rejoicing, but our hearts are heavy. Words cannot express how deeply we will miss him.

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What Does It Mean to "Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem"?

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” an extremely famous biblical command that comes from one of David’s ascent psalms (122:6). An ascent psalm was sung as a worship song while the Israelites ascended to the Temple in Jerusalem to praise the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. David’s command to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” written 3,000 years ago, was not penned for his generation only; I believe the prayer still has power and meaning for Christians today.

New DVD: Step by Step through the Rapture

In this four program series Dr. Renald Showers and Dr. Jimmy DeYoung investigate what the Bible teaches about the timing and events that will take place when Jesus returns at the Rapture.

Give to the Ukraine Relief Fund

We are concerned for the people of Ukraine, particularly the Jewish people and Bible-believing Christians who are becoming targets of violence and hatred. Life is difficult and challenging for them.

The Friends of Israel Gift Catalog

This year, as we celebrate God’s love this season through His Son—the Messiah, His greatest gift to the world—my hope is that you will find a way through this catalog to touch the life of someone who needs your help.

Israel My Glory