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Temple Mount

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Divine Revolution: The Lord Will Passover (Part 5)

I’m writing you from inside my house with my family and some friends. We’re all gathered together to have a very specific meal that Moses demanded all Israelites to eat. You could cut the tension in the room with a knife. Many of us are scared about how certain events will unfold, while others––like myself––are excited to leave Egypt.

New Book by Elwood McQuaid: Halina

Poland was a country filled with beauty—until the Nazis arrived in 1939. This is the gripping, true story of two worlds that collided during World War II and the courage of a young Polish woman who fought in the Polish Home Army in Warsaw.

The Friends of Israel Gift Catalog

This year, as we celebrate God’s love this season through His Son—the Messiah, His greatest gift to the world—my hope is that you will find a way through this catalog to touch the life of someone who needs your help.

Who is Jesus?

It is the most critical question you will ever answer. How would you answer it? Can you answer it correctly?

Israel My Glory